The Well-being eCHECKUP TO GO is a guided journey through five major domains of well-being designed to support mental health through the creation of a personalized action plan that transforms insights into tangible actions.

Each subscription is customized to your institution or organization to support your health, wellness, and strategic AOD goals, and to connect your users with local resources, programs and departments.

The well-being journey is personalized to each participant as they develop their individualized action plan.

Strengthen a culture of well-being and encourage positive behavior changes at your institution by implementing the Well-being CHECKUP TO GO.

Program Details

Assess one’s current state of well-being and identify areas for growth, exploration, and attention.

Explore 5 major domains linked to well-being.

Transform insights into a personalized action plan with tangible ways to get started, specific steps, and more.

Connect individuals with your local and community resources. Or, if a resource isn’t available, provide them with national resources to help them on their wellness journey.

Administrative Reports
Access your institution’s data in real time – as often as you wish. Comprehensive aggregated demographic and response data are available anytime.