Practitioner Program

The eCHECKUP TO GO Practitioner Program is designed to provide a comprehensive suite of interventions for those working one on one with students and is well-suited for use in BASICS/BASICS-like interventions.

The eCHECKUP TO GO Practitioner Package is BASICS/BASICS-like compatible and includes all of our online behavior interventions and enhanced tools at a reduced cost:

  • Alcohol
  • Cannabis
  • Nicotine
  • ASSIST (Other Drug Assessment)
  • Sexual violence Prevention
  • Values Sort Card

As a not-for-profit organization within the SDSU Research Foundation, the eCHECKUP TO GO Programs provide cost-effective and affordable interventions.

Additionally, the Practitioners Program can be used by multiple departments within your organization simultaneously, while keeping your participants’ data confidential to each department.

Retrieve up-to-the-minute administrative reports on your participants’ responses, view completion verifications, and download all of your program data from our easy-to-use administrative portal.

Set feedback flags for further consideration or assessment.

Electronically view users’ responses and feedback.

Effective programs focused on changing behaviors require interventions beyond education.

Streamline your implementation of a full suite of the eCHECKUP TO GO programs and allow for multiple use-cases of our programs at your institution.

Program Details

Individuals receive personalized feedback on their behavioral health and substance use and are provided personalized strategies, skills, and resources

Each component program of the Practitioner Package is a brief intervention. Participants can complete the questions and receive their personalized feedback in about 15-20 minutes.

Reliable and valid evidence-based assessments of common behavioral health and substance misuse symptoms.

The eCHECKUP TO GO programs are accessible to individuals of all abilities.